Mangrove Seedling Reclamation Project


More than generating environmental awareness, The Reclamation Project aims at growing ecosystems through an actual reforestation. Due to man-made barriers, there are currently no locations on urban Miami Beach suitable for planting for red mangroves seedlings. As such, the project's seedlings will be used for reforestation efforts in Key Biscayne, in areas where mangrove forests once thrived, on January 27, 2007, 9am (meet at the Bear Cut Nature Preserve).

Key Biscayne, once the southernmost point of what is now Miami Beach, was the site where the artist planted the Bass Museum of Art installation's seedlings on May 23, 2006.

The Reclamation Project team is working with the City of Miami Beach to prepare its Pine Tree Park's shoreline elevation so that project's reforestation can occur there during January 2008.

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