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Coastal Eco-art: Learn About Mangroves
Mangroves are extremely valuable for coastal ecosystems. They support coastal fisheries by acting as breeding grounds for juvenile fish. Their roots stabilize the shore, provide life-saving protection from the effects of hurricanes and trap pollutants within their sediment. Without mangroves, many coastal fishing areas and habitats would deteriorate.
Mangroves once blanketed Miami Beach. As with many coastal areas of the world, the mangroves of Miami Beach were decimated in the name of progress and development, as shown in the photo to the left looking west down Lincoln Road (Courtesy of the Florida Photographic Collection). The photo below depicts early Miami Beach developers clearing Mangrove Forest around 1905 at the site of present-day Lincoln Road.
Currently, we have lost 50% of the world's mangrove forest, and we continue to lose hundreds of acres of mangrove forest every year. In collaboration with the Miami Science Museum, the Reclamation Project aims to reverse the trend of mangrove forest loss by increasing awareness of the mangrove's importance and taking action to reclaim coastal areas by planting mangrove seedlings.
Click here to read a brochure with more details about Florida's mangroves, courtesy of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
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Xavier Cortada's participatory art practice is based at Florida International University.

FIU College of Architecture + The Arts

Xavier Cortada
FIU College of Architecture + The Arts
Miami Beach Urban Studios
420 Lincoln Road, Suite 440
Miami Beach, FL 33139

 Reclamation Project 



Native Flags

The Reclamation Project and Native Flags are participatory eco-art projects by FIU College of Architecture + The Arts Artist-in-Residence Xavier Cortada.  

In South Florida, they are presented in coordination with our project partners:

FIU Office of University Sustainabiity
MDC Earth Ethics Institute

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Xavier Cortada