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Participating Colleges
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The South Florida colleges and universities listed below are dedicated to working with the Reclamation Project to help educate the importance of native trees and mangroves and engage their communities in restoring coastal and inland ecosystems.




Mangrove Installations

The eco-art was designed by Xavier Cortada. These installations consist of mangrove seedlings in plastic cups filled with water.  Attached to windows (temporary) or walls (permanent),  the mangrove propagules are cultivated in these vertical gardens.

By juxtaposing organic, free-flowing mangrove seedlings with with the man-made materials (cups, clips) arranged on a modernist grid, the installation challenges viewers to explore their relationship to nature.

Once grown, the mangrove seedlings will be replanted along the coast-- creating new ecosystems above and below the waterline.  

Needing to grow native mangrove seedlings artificially because habitat destruction has so severely limited the coastline where they can naturally grow should initiate interest/conversations and generate public awareness about the importance of  wetlands.

To bring the Reclamation Project's temporary mangrove seedling installation to your school (Miami-Dade County only), or to learn more about the Reclamation Project or to participate in its coastal reforestation efforts, please contact: [email protected]



Images: Reclamation Project installation at Tampa Prep, Tampa Florida.

More resources

Here are a few links to examples of how Cortada's work is being used by educators:   



You may contact the artist directly at:

Xavier Cortada
College of Architecture + The Arts
Florida International University
Miami Beach Urban Studios
420 Lincoln Road
Suite 440
Miami Beach, FL 33139

phone: (305) 535-1462
fax: (305) 535-5418

 2004 - 2013


Xavier Cortada's participatory art practice is based at Florida International University.

FIU College of Architecture + The Arts

Xavier Cortada
FIU College of Architecture + The Arts
Miami Beach Urban Studios
420 Lincoln Road, Suite 440
Miami Beach, FL 33139

 Reclamation Project 



Native Flags

The Reclamation Project and Native Flags are participatory eco-art projects by FIU College of Architecture + The Arts Artist-in-Residence Xavier Cortada.  

In South Florida, they are presented in coordination with our project partners:

FIU Office of University Sustainabiity
MDC Earth Ethics Institute

Copyright 2006-2013 
Xavier Cortada